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High-speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Features of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
1. The gantry type fiber laser cutting machine is gear rack double serve drive and has high moment of inertia and large torque. It ensures high precision and high speed processing with maximum accelerating speed of 1.2G.
2. The lathe bed of high rigidity and high strength is processed by advanced imported gantry finish mill. The lathe can be well stress relieved with double annealing process.
3. Our fiber laser generator with good quality laser beaming is imported from well known producers. It boasts a stable output power and high precision cutting.
4. Finite Element analysis is used to optimize the construction of crossbeam and control its overall weight and to make it rigid and highly dynamic to sudden changes in gantry moving speed.
5. Specialized cutting software can achieve stock layout and smooth treatment on the edge. It has high speed drilling and engraving function.
6. The cost-effectively laser generator only consumes 3~4kwh per hour. Thin metal sheet can be pneumatically cut by the machine.
7. It is used for the cutting of a variety of metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, brass and aluminum alloy plate.

Parameters of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Mode CMA1530C-GH-A
Cutting range 3000mm ×1500mm
Laser generator type Fiber laser generator
Laser output 1000W ( 500W/800W/1500W/2000W )
Drive system Gantry gear rack drive.
Feeding Enclosed cover
Max. speed 120m /min
Max. acceleration 1.2G
Positioning precision ±0.03mm/1000mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm/1000mm
Supporting picture format PLT, DXF, AI, etc.
Working conditions Tempeature:0-45 ℃ ; Moisture≤ 80% no condensation
Rated power 9KW
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Weight 5000Kg
Dimensions ( with protection cover ) 5350mm ×2750mm×1870mm

Applicable Materials
The laser machine achieves fast cutting of multiple kinds of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized plate, brass and so forth.

  • Laser cutting on thin steel sheet
  • Stainless steel display rack cutting
  • Stainless steel desk cutting
  • Light back laser cutting
  • Thick carbon steel cutting
  • Metal sheet cutting
  • Metal cooker cutting
  • Precision components cutting
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