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Laser Cutting Machine

CMA1325C-G-B (Economical Type)

The laser cutting industry is extremely price conscious. Everyone wants to spend as little as possible and achieve desired cutting results in an acceptable manner. YUEMING's economical type laser cutting machine is good for your pocket without compromising on cutting quality. This powerful laser cutter is cheap to own and works very well with thin sheets of metal.

Unique to this gantry laser cutting machine is the so-called continuous wave fiber laser, which is known for its high power laser beam, great electrical to optical conversion efficiency, and constant laser beam delivery path. If you want to make fine cuts on thin metal sheets, this fiber laser machine is the cutter of choice to deliver the highly detailed work you've bargained for. Reliable motion transmission system uses high-precision linear guide rails for high transmission efficiency. It ensures maximum stability when working on thin carbon steel sheets.

Note that customers are free to choose the make and power of your laser cutting machine. Whatever model you choose, quality cutting results and minimized operating costs are guaranteed. At the moment, we mainly supply the CMA1325C-G-B laser cutter in 4 power configurations: 200W, 300W, 400W, and 500W.

Features of Laser Cutting Machine
1. Reinforced worktable is of welded construction that has been through tempering, milling (with a large-scale gantry mill), and vibratory stress relief processes to ensure maximum ruggedness.
2. Imported high-precision gear racks and linear guide rails make for accurate positioning and movement. A collimator is used to minimize the divergence of laser beam leaving the laser head, which further ensures a constant laser beam delivery path.
3. The crossbeam of the gantry features a modular design which means the cross beam can be taken apart from the side beams. The crossbeam is constructed of hollow structural sections, made from aviation grade aluminum that has been cold drawn and then precision milled for twice. Inside the tubular crossbeam is high-strength rebar. The whole crossbeam structure is optimized via a process known as Finite Element Analysis which effectively reduces the beam weight and improves its mobility and response to sudden changes in beam moving speed. Therefore, fast and accurate cutting of thin steel plates can be achieved.

Technical Specifications
Items Parameter
Working Area 2500mm×1300mm
Z-axis 70mm
Maximum Sheet Weight (weight of workpiece) 120kg
Positioning Speed on X and Y-axis 30 m/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05 mm
Positioning Repeatability ±0.03 mm
Cut Width 0.15-0.3 mm
Cutting Accuracy ±0.05/1000 mm
Rated Laser Power 200W-500W
Dimensions 3400mmX2070mmX1360mm
Total Weight 1800 Kg
Total Power Consumption 3.5 KW
Power Supply Single-phase 220V/50HZ
Voltage variation <5%

Laser Cut Materials
Carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, aluminum-plated metal sheet, copper

Applications for Laser Cutting Machine
Metalworking, aircraft and aerospace, electronics, electrical equipment, metro parts, automobile, machinery, precision machined parts, ships, metallurgy, elevator, home appliances, craftwork, tooling, decoration, advertising, etc.

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