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Laser Cutting Machine

    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1325C-G-A Engineered with constant light path compensation system, our metal cutting machine guarantees the consistent light spot quality within the entire stroke.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1390C The steel frame structure is detachable for easy transportation. Produced with innovative appearance, the operation of the laser cutting machine is quite convenient.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1814C-FET Manufactured with epsilon type structure conveyer belt, our CMA1814C-FET laser cutting machine is engineered with large format and automatic feeding system.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine (For Airbag), CMA2125-F This laser cutting machine uses gear rack structure, allowing it to achieve a high speed, bilateral synchronous drive. Its cutting efficiency is three times that of traditional belt conveyors.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610FET-C The steel frame structure for the automatic laser cutting machine ensures the standard mounting surface of the moving system, as well as the sturdy and steady lathe bed.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1610VT The positioning system captures image via CCD camera, through which the work piece can be recognized automatically for accurate cutting.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, CMA1313-T With a robust frame which is welded from metal sheets, the CMA1313-T laser cutting machine boasts excellent operational stability, and it can be transported for a long distance.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine, YM-1218 Our laser cutting machine is used to cut materials into different shapes according to various needs. Our laser cutting machine is equipped with high-speed axial-flow CO2 laser generator.

We are a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, located in China. Years of experience enables us to provide a wide range of products, such as automatic feeding laser cutting machine, LED protective special laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, etc. These products are characterized by high precision, fast speed, wide application, low cost, etc. Some features of our laser cutting machines are shown above.

As an ISO9001 certified laser cutting machine producer, we are committed to providing high quality and stable performance products for our valued customers. To this end, we conduct a series of quality control measure. For example, we adopt internationally-advanced production technology and equipment. Additionally, all raw materials are strictly inspected before they are allowed to be used in production. As a result, our industrial laser equipment is reliable, durable, and well received in America, Germany, Canada, Japan, Brazil, India, etc.

If you are interested in our laser equipment, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are glad to serve you!

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