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Laser Engraving Machine

CMA-6040K 1080K CMA1390K

Our laser engraving machine is suitable for non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastic, organic glass, leather, tile, crystal, jade, bamboo products, woodworks, and paper. This kind of laser engraver can also be applied to the fields of packaging, leather, printing, advertising, decoration craftwork, and more.

Technical parameters of laser engraving machine, CMA-6040K 1080K CMA1390K
Laser power 30-150W
Cutting thickness 0-25mm (determined by materials)
Engraving speed 0-64000 (mm/min)
Cutting speed 0-36000 (mm/min)
Minimum shaping character Chinese character 2x2mm, Letter 1x1mm
Resolution ratio ≤4000 dpi
Power supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Location precision < 0.05mm
Number of hanged line 90 line
Gross power < 1250W
Operating temperature 0-45℃
Operating humidity 5-95% (Free of condensed water)
CMA-6040K Dimension 1480x930x1060 mm
CMA-1080K Dimension 1750×1310×1100 mm
choose and match the revolving carving (cylinder)Ø 10-100x50-300mm
choose and match the revolving carving (cylinder)Ø 10-100x50-500mm
Specification/Model/ Data Processing area (mm) Thickness of engraving parts (mm) Net weight (KG)
CMA-6040K 600x400 0-150 260
CMA-1080K 1000x800 0-140 450
CMA1390K 1300x900 0-150 670

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