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3D Laser Marking Machine


1. With a three dimensional surface marking function, the focused light spot precision is within a range of 0-60mm, and an even marking effect is guaranteed.
2. The laser cutter has a large format marking function. The maximum working area of the 3D laser marking machine reaches 400 x 400 mm.
3. An advanced, digital 3 axis dynamic focusing technology is used to achieve a high marking speed, real-time zoom control, and a uniform focusing light spot.
4. Due to the modular design, the laser marking machine is compatible with both domestic and international fiber lasers, making the product adaptability strong.
5. The laser marking machine uses a marble working platform, and has an excellent shock resistance, stress resistance, flatness and a high stability.
6. This 3D laser marking machine uses a functional software so users can import graphics from the 3D design software, and can edit simple 3D graphics. The software can transfer 2D graphs into 3D graphs, and is easy to operate.

Technical Parameters
Laser power 10W/20W/30W/50W
Power supply AC220±10%, 50HZ
Repeated positioning accuracy ≤±0.02mm
Working area Maximum 400mm×400mm
Marking speed 0~7000mm/s
Total power < 1000W(without auxiliary machine)
Working temperature 10ºC -35ºC
Working humidity 5%-85% (no condensing)
Drawing format AI, DXF, BMP, JPG, PLT, etc.
Dimension 600mm X 935mm X 1600mm
Machine weight 120KG

Applicable Materials
Plastic, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel, zinc, and aluminum oxide.

  • Jewelry
  • Charger
  • Lamp holder
  • Electronic devices
  • Precision Bearings
  • Switch
  • Belt buckle
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Medical Equipment
  • Glasses
  • Medicines
  • Watch
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