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Laser Engraving Machine

YM-960 1200

This machine is a computerized laser engraving machine which is developed for rubber engraving in packaging and printing industry. It integrates the computer CAM control, DSP digital control technology and USB data transmission technology.

Our laser engraver offers the function of sloping control to make small letters and bar code precisely, having the same effect as traditional Gravure Printing. Therefore, this laser engraving machine is a good replacement for high cost flexible resin plate, which can greatly reduce the cost, thus improving the competitiveness of the packaging and printing enterprises.


Our laser engraving machine is suitable for nonmetal materials such as rubber, plastic, crystal, plexiglass, acrylic, bamboo and wooden products.
Generally, it is used for large-scale engraving and cutting applications in clothing, leather, packaging, plate making, handicraft, advertisement, decoration, construction, and other industries.

Technical parameters of laser engraving machine, YM-960 1200
Processing area (900-1500)x(600-1000)mm
Laser power 70W
Engraving speed 0-30000mm/min
Max. engraving depth 3.5mm
Minimum shaping character China character 2x2mm, letter 1x1mm
Resolution ratio ≤4000dpi
Power supply AC220V± 10%, 50HZ
Location precision < 0.05mm
Number of hanged line 60/line
Gross power < 1250W
Operating temperature 0℃-45℃
Operating humidity 5-95% (free of condensed water)
Graphic format supported BMP,HPGL(PLT),JPEG,GIF,TIFF,PCX,CDR,DWG,DXF
Net weight 207KG
Net weight 233KG
Dimension 1300x905x1035mm
Dimension 1600×905×1035mm

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