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Laser Marking Machine


1. The MC30-B-A laser marking machine takes advantage of an imported RF excited CO2 laser to output stable power with uniform laser density. This laser is specially designed to avoid interference and light leakage when shutting down, and it won't generate shadows or false cutting phenomena even working on some special materials.
2. Our laser marker is fitted with self-developed digital high speed scanning galvanometer, and this device is characterized by small size and excellent stability, thereby enabling it to offer similar performance when compared to internationally advanced product.
3. With the help of a user-friendly touch screen, the embedded operating system provides reliable control functions, meeting most application needs.
4. Due to a dedicated “on-the-fly” marking system, this laser marking equipment is able to provide superior marking result with convenient operation.
5. Our laser marking machine adopts modular design, and it may comes with several optional devices to fit for individual needs, like XY movable worktable, round rotary worktable, rotary clamp and so on.

Applicable Material
Plastics, leather, wood and other non-metallic materials

Technical Data of MC30-B-A Laser Marking Machine
Laser Wavelength (μm) 10.6
Beam Quality Factor (M2) < 1.4
Laser Power (W) 30
Cooling Method Air cooling
Marking Area (mm) 110×110 (customizable)
Focal Length (mm) 170
Min. Line Width (mm) 0.15
Min. Character Size (mm) 0.7
Marking Speed (mm/s) 0-7000
Graphic Format Supported bmp, jpg, ai, dxf, plt, etc.
Supply Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Machine Size (mm) 450×450×1300
Machine Weight (kg) About 80
Work Environment Little or no dust
Temperature (℃) 10~35
Humidity ≤75%RH (non-condensing)
Total Power (kW) 1.5
Ingress Protection Rating IP54
Laser Safety Class Class 4
Top-Bottom Adjustable Distance (mm) 0~450
Front-Back Adjustable Distance (mm) 0~250
Marking Angle (°) 0, 45, 90
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