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3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker


1. MC275-D-A 3-axis CO2 laser marker comes equipped with the German Rofin CO2 laser featuring the peak power of 275W, stable optical power output and uniform power density.
2. The configured dynamic 3-axis marking system has excellent performance, compact structure, high stability and strong anti-jamming ability, ensuring the steady and long-term high-speed operation.
3. The imported reflectors of the external light path transmission system have superb shaping performance, high transmittance and reflectivity, low light attenuation, as well as good consistency.
4. Optical bench can be adjusted up and down manually (electric adjustor is optional), which can adapt to different processing formats; also, the fast focus function guarantees the high efficiency, high precision and high stability for the the light guide plate processing with different formats.
5. The worktable of this CO2 laser marking machine is installed with grid board (fine line board is optional), the specific waste hopper is designed to facilitate the cleaning of the waste generated during the processing.
6. The upper ventilation system of the laser processing equipment is used to completely exhaust the smoke and dust in the area of processing; the bottom ventilation system is used for adsorbing the material so as to make the marked surface smooth and increase the accuracy of marking.
7. The industrial-grade precision laser water chiller is controlled by temperature and can effectively ensure the stability of laser output power and the normal service life of laser.
8. The enclosed and hydromechanical design of the CO2 laser equipment can protect operators against laser radiation.
9. Our independently developed Smartscanner software used for marking features simple and intuitive operation, high-speed data processing and excellent efficiency; it can be used in the winXP/win7 system and is compatible with the output files of Coreldraw, AutoCAD, GTools and many other professional software; moreover, it supports the file formats of plt, dxf, bmp, ai, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model MC275-D-A
Laser Wavelength(μm) 10.6
Light Spot Quality (M2) < 1.2
Laser Peak Power (W) 275
Impulse Frequency (KHz) 0-100
Cooling Mode Water
Parameters Marking Area (mm×mm) 300×300 400×400 500×500 600×600 750×750
Working distance (mm) 350 450 550 660 825
Minimum mark width (mm) 0.7
Minimum letter size (mm) 2
Marking speed (mm/s) 0-15000
Drawing format BMP, PLT, AI, DXF;
Power Supply Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Dimensions Main machine (mm×mm×mm) 1010×2015×2025
Water chiller (mm×mm×mm) 670×470×890
Distance from the work table to the ground (mm) 880
Distance from the control board to the ground (mm) 885
Weight Main machine (kg) ≤750
Water chiller (kg) ≤82
Working Conditions Environment Clean, dustless
Temperature(℃) 5- 40
Relative humidity 5-85% (non-condensing)
Others Overall power (kW) ≤12
Degree of protection IP54
Laser safety classification Class 4

Applicable Materials
Leather, rubber, wood, bamboo, organic glass, tile, plastic, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and other non-metallic materials

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