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Laser Marking Machine for Denim Fabric


Performance Features
1. With full closed design, the MC350-DJ-A laser marking machine for denim fabric is safe and environmental protection.
2. The main components are imported from the international famous companies, the performance of our laser machine is stable.
3. This laser engraving machine features of high marking speed, high efficiency and high precision.
4. Equipped with overhead projector, which can improve the feeding speed of operator and is more convenient for operating.

Structure Features
1. Our laser marking machine is compatible with different power, because of its modular design.
2. The machine frame is constructed by metal sections, and welded by metal plate.
3. Different marking area can be adjusted by electric lifting unit.
4. The workbench is functional, its right side is used for feeding, the left side is used for marking, the working efficiency is very high.
5. With user-friendly interface, this denim fabric marking machine can rotate in multi angles, which is easy to operate.

Technical Parameters
Item MC350-DJ-A
Laser power 350W
Power supply AC220±10%, 50HZ
Repeat positioning accuracy ≤±0.005mm
Processing area 1500mm *1500mm/1200mm*1200mm/600mm*600mm
Marking speed 0~7000mm/s
Total power < 12kW (without auxiliary machinery)
Working temperature 10 ℃ -30 ℃
Working humidity 5%-65% (non-condensing)
Graphics format AI, DXF, BMP, JPGE, PLT, etc.
Dimensions 4000mm *3250mm*3000mm
Machine weight 500Kg
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