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Laser Marking Machine


1. The MF20-B-A laser marking machine uses a highly integrated fiber laser to offer superior beam quality with stable power output and uniform power density, and it is able to deal with aluminum, copper, gold, silver and other high reflective materials without creating shadows and false marking problems.
2. Our laser marking system is fitted with internationally advanced digital scanning galvanometer, and this device boasts small size, fast speed, good stability as well as reliable performance.
3. Owing to its modular design, the electric cabinet and lifting platform are separated from each other. So, this fiber laser marking machine is very flexible, and it can work on relatively larger or more complex surfaces which are very difficult for common marking machines.
4. With a user-friendly touch screen, the embedded operating system enables our laser marking machine to deliver satisfying performance for a number of industries, and it supports different text formats.
5. Our fiber laser marker allows “on-the-fly” marking, and its operation is quite simple.

Applicable Material
Plastics, iron, copper, nickel coating, zinc coating, stainless steel, aluminum oxide, zinc alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, etc.

Technical Data of MF20-B-A Laser Marking Machine
Laser Wavelength (μm) 1.06
Beam Quality Factor (M2) < 1.4
Laser Power (W) 20
Impulse Frequency (kHz) 20~80
Cooling Method Air cooling
Marking Area (mm) 110×110 (optional: 70×70/175×175)
Focal Length (mm) 163 (100/254)
Working Distance (mm) 188 (120/280)
Min. Line Width (mm) 0.02
Min. Character Size (mm) 0.2
Marking Speed (mm/s) 0~7000
Graphic Format Supported bmp, jpg, ai, dxf, plt, etc.
Supply Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Electric Cabinet Size (mm) 450×210×380
Lifting Platform Size (mm) 730×450×1350
Electric Cabinet Weight (kg) Approx. 25
Lifting Platform Weight (kg) Approx. 50
Work Environment Little or no dust, 10-35℃, ≤75%RH (non-condensing)
Total Power (kW) 1
Ingress Protection Rating IP54
Laser Safety Class Class 4
Vertical Adjustable Distance for Upper Surface (mm) 550~1200
Vertical Adjustable Distance for Side Surface (mm) 400~1500
Adjustable Distance for Front-Back Direction (mm) 0~200
Marking Angle (°) Different values
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