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Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thanks for visiting the Han's Yueming Company website! We are an experienced laser cutting machine manufacturer, located in China.

Our laser cutting machine is used to cut materials by outputting high-power laser. It is computer controlled. Our laser cutting equipment supports data transferred from network and USB flash disk and is able to work in offline mode.


Location accuracy ±0.05
Maximum speed 35m/min
Laser power 80~150w
Maximum moving distance of Z axis 50mm

Mechanical structure
1. This laser cutting machine utilizes gray cast iron as its structure components to improve the stability and reliability of the moving and optical system.
2. Ball screw-moving unit with linear guide.
3. Follow-up type upper air suction device and lower air suction device.
4. Auto-focus device of far infrared sensing type is optional.
5. Its optical path and moving parts are sealed to protect from dust, water, etc.
6. The separate design of upper and lower parts will facilitate the installation.
7. Glass frame type optical structure for easy dismantling.

Control system
1. Our laser cutting machine adopts an imbedded control system
2. Able to run in offline mode
3. Support data transferred from network and USB flash disk
4. Support dual laser beam cutting
5. Support RF and glass-tube laser
6. 8-inch touch screen with full displaying color

Optical system
1. Laser tube is fixed by specialized tight clip.
2. Supporting frame for laser tube that being able to adjust three-dimensional position.
3. Adjusting frame with interlock device for three-dimensional reflecting mirror.
4. It is fully sealed to protect optical path.
5. Laser beams of red light and carbon dioxides are combined as optical paths are collimated.

Electrical system
1. Double-side servo drive system is disposed on Y axis.
2. It has complete safety protection system to protect human body.
3. Turbo type flow switch can control the flow rate of the cooling water for laser tube.
4. Electrical components are well selected to meet the safety standards of European and American markets.

We are engaged in providing various industrial equipment, such as laser engraving cutting machine, laser marking machine, automatic computer bender machine, YW-300B, and more. Due to high quality, stable performance, and competitive price, our products are highly sought after by customers in America, Russia, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, and other countries.

If you are interested in our laser cutting equipment, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to working with you!

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