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Laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

YM-FSC1325-500X laser cutting machine realizes precision cuts through localized fuse and gasification of metal work pieces using focused high-energy pulse laser, with the aid of air blow. This Product has high cutting accuracy, and is therefore suitable for cutting precision work pieces. Its cutting speed is 60 times higher than wire-electrode cutting. the work pieces is hard to deform because of small heat-affected area. cutting edge is clean and smooth, It is also capable of multi-beam and multi-station machining at the same time (optional function).

Technical Parameter

Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Max. Laser Power 500W
Spot Treatment 3X beam expanding and homogenization
Lamp Pump Source dual xenon-lamp
Min. Sloth width 0.3mm
Max. Pulse Frequency 300Hz
Max. Cutting thickness 5mm (carbon steel) ; 3mm(stainless steel)
Travel of the Working Table 1300×2500mm
Repetitive Location precision < 0.1mm
Targeting and Positioning Red light preview
Laser Power Stability <5%
Power Consumption of Main Engine ≤20kW
Power Supply 380Vac±10% three-phase four-wire system 380Vac±10%
Cooling Method Water cooling, equipped with packaged water cooler (5 Pi)
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 3350×1800×1100mm

Large cutting format (1250*2500mm) allows for one-time cutting and forming of the entire sheet for higher efficiency;
The working table is equipped with small pneumatic wheel carriers. As a result, the metal sheet to be cut may slide along the machine body for easy loading;
The electric air clutch allows for quick and easy clamp of metal sheets;
The cast over hanging beam is stable and rigid and guarantees smooth operation of the mechanism.

Focus auto-follow mechanism. Since the coiled metal sheets must be leveled before cutting, it's nature that the metal sheets will have wavy surfaces. The focus auto-follow mechanism can ensure constant distance between the focal plane and the plane of the metal sheets to be cut, so that consistent cutting quality can be achieved. It can avoid defects caused by wavy metal surfaces.

Uses dual xenon lamp-pumped laser, which is cost effective and easy to maintain. Operators can replace the consumables and maintain the Product independently afer two days training;

The external light path equips a 3X beam expander to shorten the focal depth of the laser. Thus focused energy is thus further concentrated to effectively improve the machining speed.

applicable industry: precise machinery, hardware, steel plate processing, etc.

applicable materials: stainless steel under 3mm thickness, carbon steel under 5mm thickness, especially suitable for stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminium plate, brass plate, diomond saw blade etc materials. For the hard, fragile alloy material, have very excellent processing effect.

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