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Metal Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

YM-CS035F-50X/CS035F-200X YAG laser cutting machine, designed for using in a variety of industries, is the latest laser machining solution of our Company. This serial features sliding cross-shaped bench structure, with constant light path. Electrical focus and red light preview functions are optional. This Product is comparatively economic for it uses YAG lamp-pumped laser of low cost. The professional cutting software that goes with the machine is capable of accurate, precise linear and circular interpolations, with the addition of cutting parameter control and setting function necessary for meeting the requirements of metal cutting technology. Facilitated with the most advanced control mode, this Product realized multi-axis control and iso-energy laser cutting at all cutting speeds. The superior stepper motor, in combination with the driven guide structure, makes the accurate movement of the product in high-speed operation possible. It is a high-tech product integrating laser technology, precision machinery, electronic technology and computer science, with high performance-cost ratio and little pollution to the environment.

Technical Parameter

Wavelength 1064nm
Max. Laser Output Power 50W / 200W
Max. Laser Peak Power 5kW
Max. Laser Pulse Energy 50J/10ms
Pulse width 0.1ms~50ms
Pulse frequency 1Hz~300Hz
Total power 10 / 16kW
Cutting width 350mm×350mm
Z-axis Travel 50~100mm
Position accuracy < ±0.02mm
Repeat position accuracy < 0.02mm
Profile accuracy ±0.05mm
Load-bearing of working table 20kg
Unit structure Integrated sealed structure

Adopts lamp-pumped laser featuring low cost and easy maintenance;
With constant external light path; electrical focus and red light preview functions are optional;
Uses superior stepper motor and ball screw driven guide structure to ensure high accuracy and long service life;
Consists of laser power supply, optical system, driven system, control system, purging system, focus locating device (optional), laser interlock safety device and alarming system. These functional modules form a complete set with the external cooling system.

Equipped with professional cutting software which supports cutting path in .dxf, .plt and other graphic formats; capable of setting cutting parameters in different layers; capable of combining joined lines to ensure automatic splice of curve nodes; capable of smoothing fold lines to obtain smooth cuts; optimized cutting path which enables the generation of the optimal path immediately after the completion of graphic design, thereby improving productivity.

1.While cutting stainless steels, CS035F serial cutting machines usually use air and nitrogen only, rather than oxygen. For applications where higher cutting quality is required, nitrogen of comparatively large pressure shall be used to obtain thinner slot width, gloss finish (silvery luster) and fewer burns. The cost is also higher.

2.For cutting carbon steels, CS035F serial cutting machines generally uses air and oxygen rather than nitrogen, for using oxygen improves the finish of the section (raven metallic luster) as well as cutting speed. However, the pressure of the oxygen shall be moderate to avoid popping.

3.By making use of the compensation function of the professional cutting software, various cutting accuracy grades may be obtained.

Applicable industry:
Cutting industrial hollowed-out parts, ads words and patterns;Cutting rim and frame of eyeglasses;Cutting metal sheets in IT industry;Cutting head gasket of motor;Metal cutting in jewelry industry;Hardware products cutting;Cutting metal crafts.

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