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YAG Laser Marking Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

customers who want to improve their efficiency, save on time, and as a result, reduce production costs.

1. This laser marking cutting machine adopts frame-shape machine structure, precise lead screw transmission, dual motor and full closed-loop drive control.
2. It employs US-imported full metal RF CO2 laser with the laser beam reaching TEM00 mode, stronger penetrating and cutting power. The loss of light path can be minimized due to the novel optical length design. Large-breadth processing avoids light-attenuation and thus keeps the consistency of processing area.
3. Our YAG laser marking cutting machine adopts multi-shaft linked action, advanced software compensation and correcting technology, thereby guaranteeing the high accuracy and high efficiency in large-breadth pattern combination.
4. Being controlled by industrial computer, this machine is reliable and easy to operate.
5. The whole machine adopts open-style design, with multiple interfaces and input/output signals, while various externally set states are under dynamical control. In addition, customized service is available.

Our YAG laser marking cutting machine can be used for high speed laser processing of large-breadth fabric, leather and paper, and marking, holing and cutting for personalized fabric, woolen, wood and bamboo. It is especially suitable for users who need comprehensive processing of marking, cutting and carving in such industries as garments, fabric, leather, furniture, package, advertising, decoration, paper product, template, etc.

Technical parameters of YAG laser marking cutting machine

Laser power 50W
Cutting ply 0-1mm
Marking speed 0-7000mm/s
Vibrating mirror scope 250×250mm
Processing area 1600×1000 mm
Min. shaping character Chinese character 1×1mm, letter 0.4×0.4mm
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DXF, JPEG
Repeat location precision <0.05mm
Cutting speed 7000mm/s
Resolution ratio ≤4000 dpi
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
Gross power <4kw
Operating temperature 10-35℃
Operating humidity 50-95%
Net weight 900KG
Dimension 2314×2145×1412 mm

As a China-based YAG laser marking cutting machine manufacturer, Yueming has accumulated much experience in producing laser equipment. In addition to our laser marking cutting machine, we also provide a variety of laser engraving cutting machine, laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine. If you are in need of high quality and low-priced laser processing equipment, we welcome you to contact us! We at Yueming promise to offer the best services to you!

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