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Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thanks for browsing our website! We are a Chinese laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier.

Our laser cutting machine features high precision, stable performance, and ideal cutting effects. To help you better know our products, here we offer you some information as follows.


Location accuracy ±0.1
Maximum speed 25 m/min
Laser power 80~150W

Mechanical structure
1. Integral welded truss structure for higher stability and reliability of the moving and optical path system.
2. Our laser cutting machine uses imported rigid synchronous belt
3. Follow-up type upper air suction device and lower air suction device
4. Optical path and moving parts are sealed for protection
5. The focus lens is cooled by upward and downward air blowing
6. Optical structure of glass frame type for easy dismantling

Control system
1. Embedded control system can run in offline mode
2. Support data transferred from network and USB flash disk
3. Support dual laser beam cutting
4. Support RF and glass-tube laser

Optical system
1. Its laser beams of red light and carbon dioxides are combined.
2. The optical path is fully sealed for protection
3. Protective air circulation with activated carbon for filtration, circulation water for cooling

Electrical system
1. It is driven by an imported stepper motor, which is highly reliable
2. A complete safety protective device helps ensure the operator safety.
3. The flow-rate of the cooling water for laser tube can be controlled by turbo type flow switch
4. A series of certificated electrical components are purchased from qualified suppliers, contributing to the system safety.

As an ISO certified laser cutting machine manufacturer, we also provide laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and automatic computer bender machine, YW-300B, to name a few. Owing to superior quality, stable performance, and low price, our products are well accepted in the international market. We are located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, where we have easy access to different forms of transportation. This not only reduces our production cost, but also your international shipping charges.

If you are interested in our laser cutting machines, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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