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Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thank you for visiting our website! We are a Chinese laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier.

Laser cutting machine is commonly used to cut materials into various shapes according to different needs. As laser cutting equipment features high efficiency currently it is the first choice for many industries.

1. This laser cutting machine adopts Smart Carver controller built from 32-bit high speed DSP. The speed control software helps to ensure fast and consistent speed.
2. Optical attenuation compensation function: the optimized optical system and digital laser control system ensure consistent cutting over the entire cutting area.
3. Laser system assembles radio frequency CO2 laser instrument from the U.S.A. The light beam can reach TEMoo mode.
4. Automatic control system uses advanced stepping motor technology from Germany to ensure the performance of mechanical and electrical system.
5. The laser cutting machine of open system design comes with many useful input and output ports, and thus it can connect with diverse accessory device easily.

The laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting composite materials, such as hand bag, textile bag, plastic, aluminum-plated film, paper, cloth, to name a few.

Technical parameters of laser cutting machine

Engraving area 0-2200mm
Laser power 70-200W
Cutting speed 0-40,000mm/min
Resolution ratio ≤4000dpi
Power supply AC220±10%,50HZ
Location precision <0.05mm
Gross power <1250W
Operating temperature 0℃-45℃
Operating humidity 5%-95%(Free of condensed water)
Graphic format supported BMP GIF, JPGE,PCX,TGA,TIFF,PLT,CDR,DMG,DXF.
Net weight 180kg
Dimension 2800x600x1080mm

As an ISO certified laser cutting machine maker, we are committed to providing high quality products for our customers. To achieve this, we introduce superior quality equipment, technology, as well as electrical components. We also establish a strict quality control system to monitor each production process. As a result, our products are CE certified and are well received in America, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, etc.

In addition to laser cutting machine, we also provide laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, automatic computer bender machine, YW-300B, etc.

If you in need of industrial laser equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are happy to serve you!

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