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Cutting Pattern Double-head Stripping Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

In view of the current fast changing technology , electronic industries, especially the consumer electronics are of smaller volume appearance while more functions. This requires even smaller volume of internal structures then the wire is correspondingly required more slender without Ignoring the quality. Laser stripping machine is a series of new equipment designed for being adapt to the new electronic products processing requirements,which made by our company in order to keeping pace with the science and technology development.

Technical Parameter

Laser power 60W×2
Length of laser wave 10640nm
Laser power 2.5KW
Processing area 400mm×80mm
Max speed 100mm/s
Spot diameter 0.13mm
Power Frequency 50/60HZ
Location precision 0.02mm
Bearing 20Kg
Supply voltage 220VAC±5%
Dimension 850mm×850mm×1635mm

The principle of laser stripping
1. Principle of laser Stripping: to process strip-needed material by utilizing the principle of laser thermal decomposition effect and destruction of molecular chain effect, according to the different layers of material properties, there are two types of laser processing for option.

2. Co2 laser Stripping machine, can shell non-metallic outer and inner insulation; Because of metallic materials` low laser absorption coefficient of these wavelength laser, no damage to the to the metal layer.

3. YAG laser stripping machine can strip of metal shielding layer, due to non-metallic materials` low laser absorption coefficient of these wavelength laser, so no damage to the inner layer.

4. Combined with both,a full set of stipping solution coming into being:
Use CO2 laser stripping machine to act on external insulating rubber layer and wire-core clingy nylon insulation layer,
Use YAG laser stripping machine to act on Metal shielding layer.
Both sets can be combined into lines in order to adapt to the continuous production.

Advantage of laser Stripping
With precision linear screw motion module, high accuracy, fast speed, long life, low wear, compact structure, smooth operation. Double light-path laser stripping ,adopting non-contact processing, can precisely control stripping wire length, no damage to copper core, which solved the problem of uncontrollability, not totally stripping, cutting off the core wire,cannot do multilayer wire cutting, etc by using the thread cutter strip. Adopting PLC programmable controller to achieve high precision motion control, technical grade dynamo with high subdivided drive mode,and import module transmission, ensure light knife moving smoothly, accurately and at top efficiency, long-term stable and reliable working; Can customize any cutting line position.
1. contactless processing, no machining stress, won`t break internal wire (When using thread cutter to strip,one end should fix and the other make traction by certain tension, which can possibly cause core wire pull-apart)

2. more clean and no residue stripping, (select laser with good absorption for each layer material to cut, no affect to layer which need not process. CO2 laser only for nonmetal layer while YAG laser only for metal layers)

3. easy to operate. (operator need not consider factors such as over-cutting or the internal wire pull-apart caused by traction, it asks for little skill; the computer parameterized control, product quality won`t be impacted on workers skills or emotional factors)

Application Industries
Applicable Industry:
Suitable for inside wire stripping of microelectronics industry products,such as mobile phones, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras etc.

Applicable materials:
Single line, flat cable, parallel line, multilayer line,etc, Especially suitable for the small data line which below 1.0 mm.

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