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Green Laser Sub Surface Engraver


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

YM-INSIDER-II Green Laser Sub Surface Engraver apply three-coordinate moving technology which is capable of engraving large format data in parts. Featuring high resolution (varies with the application of the laser device), this machine allows for delicate and vivid exhibition of original images or real objects, which makes the engraved crystal a valuable collection. The engraver has user-friendly software interface and multiple functions; it can directly read data processed by 3-dimensional/ plane cloud-point software directly, no need to convert via third-party software. It is simple and easy to learn.

Technical Parameter

Laser wave length 532nm
Acoustic-optic Q switching frequency 2 kHz
Cooling method air cooling
Engraving scope 300mm x250 mm x100mm
Max. size of the work piece (crystal) 350mm x 250 mm x 100mm
Max. Resolution 800DPI
Laser pulse width < 8 ns
Standby power consumption 300W
Maximum power consumption of the machine 800W
Power supply AC220V; 50/60Hz
Max. power 150kg
Overall dimension 600mm x960 mm x1170mm

Quick speed

This machine is equipped with high-speed high-accuracy optical vibration mirror and motor driver, high-accurate three-axis synchro-motion worktable imported from Germany, which ensures quick and accurate output of high precison 3-D images. Taking a 3-dimension portrait as an example, the typical procession time is less than 60s for 120,000 points. Quick speed makes the personalized procession more efficient, without harming the high quality of the image.

Easy operation and user-friendly interface

One new person can operate the camera software and the operational software skillfully within two days.

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