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Hybrid Optical Path Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Stress relief treatment like annealing aging, 300 days' natural aging and vibration aging ensures the reliable operation of box-structure base.
2. Both the lead screw and guide rail are fully sealed so as to eliminate the dust pollution, reduce the maintenance, and extend the lifetime of the transmission parts.
3. Laser cutting head equipped with automatic height tracking system can focus automatically, response quickly and accurately, thus guaranteeing the cutting quality.
4. X axis, Y axis and Z axis all adopt Japan servo motor, resulting in high performance and low maintenance.
5. Our hybrid optical path laser cutting machine can run accurately because it adopts famous-brand ball bearing screw rods from Japan, Korea for transmitting power, and precise straight ball guide for guiding, bearing.
6. Our laser equipment uses pneumatic parts and optical lens from world famous companies.

Thanks for browsing our website! We are an experienced China hybrid optical path laser cutting machine manufacturer.

Adopting hybrid optical path and one-way sliding of the operation table, our hybrid optical path laser cutting machine achieves smoother cutting end face, higher precision and more stability, ideal for performing tasks requiring strict cutting face.

Digital control system
1. Standard IPC with high stability, USB interface, fast analog input/output, fast digit input/output module, peripheral devices controlled by PLC
2. The adoption of windows operating system, CNC system special for PA8000NT laser machine from Power Automation, laser power control, and Z axis auto tracking, executing software, makes the system easy to realize line interpolation, circular interpolation, reverse clearance compensation, cutting compensation etc.
3. MCP, 17" large screen for man-machine conversation, standard keyboard and mouse, Chinese/English interface for convenient operation

Cutting software
1. AcadRcam, the professional programming software based on AutoCAD, could help optimize the layouts. This, in addition to the interactive man-machine conversation, makes it easy for user to do all laser processing operations on the platform of AutoCAD, such as inserting the pattern, making layouts, optimizing path and sequence, resetting the cutting direction and the starting point, etc.
2. Expert database is installed and data can be selected from it manually or automatically during the cutting process. In addition, users can build their own usual cutting database.

High-power CO2 laser generator
1. YMF series axis high power CO2 laser generator is newly developed on the basis of Italian technology and our extensive experience.
2. Photoelectric conversion ratio is up to 30%, 20% higher than the like products.
3. Laser beam quality is perfect, and can reach TEM00 or TEM01 mode, thus ensuring the laser processing quality.
4. Compared to similar products, it uses 15% less air and 10% less electricity.

As an ISO9001 certified hybrid optical path laser cutting machine manufacturer, we are able to provide a wide range of industrial laser equipment, such as laser engraving machine, automatic feeding laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, to name a few. Owing to high quality, reliable performance and competitive price, our products are well accepted in many parts of the world, such as America, Canada, Japan, Germany, Brazil, India, etc. Additionally, we also provide high quality service for our valued customers.

If you are interested in our hybrid optical path laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us! We are ready to serve you!

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