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Large Format Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The CMA-1814S large format laser cutting machine is based on the design philosophy and structure advantages of large and medium sized machine tools. It achieves large format cutting and multiple lasers synchronously working.

Technical Parameters of the Large Format Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Power: 3X80 W
Wave Length: 1064 μm
General Power: < 3.7 kW
Format: 1800 mm × 1400 mm
Spot Size: 0.2 mm
Reposition Accuracy: 0.15 mm
Power: 220VAC 50 Hz
Main Size: 2550 mm × 2300 mm × 1200 mm
Gross weigh: 780 kg

The large format laser cutting machine is equipped with three laser heads. The interval between each two of three can be adjusted by hand and each one can be adjusted separately. Every single head has its own working format of 600 mm x 1400 mm. Honeycomb structural workbench is braced by flat board and it can be followed with the tool section. Using the No.1.1 main board, the large format laser cutting machine runs several laser heads at the same time. It is able to make accurate cuts with the Smartcarve 4.3 cutting machine controlling software.

The large format laser cutting machine is used in factories for carving and cutting textiles and leather. It marks on plastics and dark color materials to print codes, logos or simply decoration.

The large format laser cutting machine is generally used in garment, auto inner decoration, shoes, fashion and accessories industries among others.

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