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Automatic High Power Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Our automatic high power laser cutting machine can precisely cut materials, without causing any distortion to the materials.
2. It is applicable to any curve line, and can achieve perfect corner cutting effect.
3. This laser cutting machine high power CO2 laser generator, which is ideal for all kinds of rolled fabrics processing.
4. It uses imported servo motor, linear motion guide, which are characterized by good performance, low maintenance, precise positioning and fast speed.
5. Automatic trailing feeding system enables the pressure-free extending, flattening of the materials and the cutting edges can perfectly guide in line, which helps make full use of the materials.
6. Digital control system and industrial computer are both adopted.
7. It can read DXF files and is compatible with software.
8. Vacuum sweeper is used to protect the operating environment.
9. The slant belt transporting system can be chosen to connect the production line with the products.

Thanks for browsing the Han's Yueming Laser Technology Joint-Stock Company website! We are an experienced high power laser cutting machine manufacturer, based in China.

Our automatic high power laser cutting machine is designed for special fabrics processing, outdoor and sports articles cutting, inner decoration processing for automobile, aviation and navigation equipment, and more. With stable machine body, flexible performance and specialized software, our machine can easily perform various machining operations.

Technical parameters of automatic high power laser cutting machine

Matched laser generator and its power YMF-1800W Cutting flat bed Automatic trail feeding system
Cutting area(x, y) 2400mmx3000mm (One pass) Material clamp Inspiration
Repeatability ±0.15mm Electricity 3 phase 380V 15KVA(whole units depends on the laser power)
Fast cutting precision ±0.3mm Dimension 3400mm x 4800mm x 1800mm
Maxim feeding speed 12m/min Net weight 5,500kg
Fast cutting speed 30m/min

As an ISO certified company, we are able to provide high quality and low-priced products for our valued customers. To achieve this, we purchase high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers. We also carry out specific quality control measures at each step of production process. In addition, we train our workers regularly to improve our production efficiency.

We are located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, where we have various forms of transportation. This not only greatly reduces our transportation fees, but also your international shipping charges.

For inquires about our automatic high power cutting machine, please feel free to contact us! We are glad to be at your service.

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