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LED Protective Film Laser Cutting Machine


This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thanks for visiting the Han's Yueming Laser Technology Joint-Stock Company website! We are an experienced LED protective film laser cutting machine manufacturer, located in China. Our laser cutting machine will meet and exceed your expectations.

1. This LED protective film laser cutting machine adopts DSP control technology and provides continuous, fast curvilinear cutting function.
2. The use of high-precision photomicrography positioning system helps ensure cutting precision.
3. The upper and lower dust suction system guarantees the cleanness of LCD screen.
4. Simplified operations due to user-friendly positioning display.

LED protective film laser cutting machine is suitable for processing of touch screens and the related high-precision materials. Generally, applicable materials include rubber, plastic, organic glass, cloth, leather and woolens, to name a few.

Technical parameters of LED protective film laser cutting machine

Processing area 600x400mm
Laser power 70W
Cutting speed 0 - 10000(mm/min)
Minimum shaping character Chinese character 2x2mm, Letter 1x1mm
Resolution ration ≤4000dpi
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz/Location precision<0.05mm
Gross power <2kw
Operating temperature 0-45℃
Operating humidity 5-95% (Free of condensed water)
Net weight 180KG
Dimension 1350x910x1400mm

As an ISO certified company, we are dedicated to providing high quality LED protective film laser cutting machine for our customers. To do this, we buy high quality materials from reliable suppliers, and strictly monitor each production detail. As a result of our efforts, our products are CE certified and exported to America, Japan, Canada, Brazil, India, etc. We also provide laser engraving machine, flat bed laser cutting machine, trademark laser cutting machine, and more.

If you want to get more information about our laser cutting equipment, please contact us directly. We are confident your needs will be satisfied.

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