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Airbag Laser Cutting Machine


1. Equipped with an RF tube CO2 laser, our laser cutting machine features a high light spot density, low maintenance charge, and a long service life.
2. This laser cutting machine uses gear rack structure, allowing it to achieve a high speed, bilateral synchronous drive. Its cutting efficiency is three times that of traditional belt conveyors.
3. This laser cutter is designed with a steel frame structure, and overall welding structure, in order to relieve internal stress and ensure the distortion tolerance of the machine tool to within 0.02mm.
4. A semi-flight light path system is used for ensuring the light spot effect of the whole cutting format.
5. With a fixed light path, this machine does not need frequent maintenance.
6. Due to the distributed exhaust structure, the airbag laser cutting machine can effectively absorb dust particles, making it environmentally friendly.
7. The laser cutter has a simple structure, a small floor space, costs very little to operate or carry out after-sales maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Model CMA2125-FT
Cutting range 2500mm ×2100mm
Maximum cut layers 6 layers(automobile airbag)
Laser power 150W
Spot diameter 7.5 mm
Beam Divergence 2.5mrad
Maximum speed 46m /min
Positioning accuracy ±0.07mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Cooling method Water cooling
Drawing format PLT , DXF
Working environment Temperature 0-45 ℃ , humidity ≤ 80% , non-condensing
Machine power 3KW
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Total weight 1200KG
Dimensions 3300mmx2400mmx1150mm

Applicable Materials
The laser cutting equipment is widely used for PU, canvas, leather, cloth, etc.

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