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Laser Cutting Machine


Manufactured with epsilon type structure conveyer belt, our CMA1814C-FET laser cutting machine is engineered with large format and automatic feeding system. It is suitable for the application on cloth, leather, non-woven fabric, and other non-metallic materials.

Technical Parameters
Laser Power: 80-130W
Working Area: 1800×1400mm
Max. Speed: 400mm/s
Spot Size: 0.2mm
Repositioning Accuracy: 0.2mm
Power Supply: AC220±10% 50HZ
Overall Dimension: 2670mm×2100mm×1350mm
Total Power: 3.5kW

1. This large format laser cutter is engineered in steel frame and sheet plate combined structure, making sure the standard mounting surface for the moving system, as well as the sturdy and stable lathe bed. The velocity is 2-3 times the speed of the metal plate cutting machine.
2. Our laser cutting machine, which is installed with linear guide rail and bearing slide, operates stably at fast speed by virtue of the small moving resistance.
3. The epsilon-type structure automatic material conveyer belt ensures optimal material flatness. In addition, the detachable structure is conducive to easy cleaning and replacement, reducing working intensity, accordingly.
4. Since gear chain driving mode is adopted, the precision laser cutting tool is free from off tracking, guaranteeing accurate material feeding.
5. Equipped with new generation EM controller independently developed by our company, it realizes the batch production for different product without connecting to computer.
6. Possessing air suction device, the standard configuration is installed with #3 control panel, whilst #4 and #1.3 control panel are for the laser cutting machine with camera and 3 laser leads, respectively.
7. The X-Y moving system is configured with φ8 guide bar type external guide rail, resulting in rapid and convenient installation and maintenance. Besides, the quality control system is equipped for the moving system.
8. The independent operating console makes for free movement. In addition, this product is characterized by rapid working speed, and stable and reliable material feeding.
9. Configured with air distributing box, our large format laser cutting machine may bring clean and enjoyable working environment due to the outstanding dedusting performance.
10 This range of laser cutting machine can be classified into 8 series, including CMA1814C-F single laser head series, CMA1814C-FT double laser head series, CMA1814C-FET electronic double laser head series, CMA1814C-FS triple laser head series, CMA1814C-FV single laser head with camera, CMA1814C-FVT double laser head with camera, and CMA1814C-FP single laser head with brush series.
11. Additionally, the auxiliary feeding device and automatic deviation correcting device are optional.

Applications of Laser Cutting Machine
The high speed laser cutter is widely used for processing soft roll material like leather, cloth, non-woven fabrics, and so on.

Sample Show

1. Garment industry, cloth cutting
2. Garment industry, cloth tailoring
3. Garment industry, cloth cutting
4. Cloth processing industry, canvas mateiral cutting
5. Bag and suitcase industry, material cutting
6. Auto industry, inner decoration material cutting
7. Cloth processing industry, tent cutting
8. Furniture industry, leather and cloth cutting

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