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Multi-Function CNC Laser Cutting Machine


Thanks for browsing our website! We are a multi-function CNC laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, located in China.

Multi-function CNC laser cutting machine is widely used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, acrylic, PVC, plywood, solid wood board, composite wood board, etc. in areas such as color box, electronic, furniture, and light industry, to name a few.

Having the advantages of high precision, good performance, smooth operation, and wide application, our laser cutting machine is very popular with customers worldwide.

1. Our multi-function CNC laser cutting machine features high-strength welded construction, with good stability and antiknock property.
2. Transmission by precise ball-bearing screw rods, linear guides, ensuring high precision and speed.
3. Both the X and Y axis of this cutting equipment adopt AC servomotor with dynamic property and low maintenance.
4. It comes with a dedusting system to protect the operation environment from dust and smoke.
5. This laser cutting machine is equipped with high power CO2 laser generator, sealed reflector path, thus extending the lens' service life and ensuring high quality cutting results.
6. All air channel components are imported from famous Japanese companies, and therefore its performance is reliable.
7. All the lens of the resonant cavity and reflector path are purchased from USA "II-IV" company, thus ensuring quality and lifetime of the laser bean.

Technical parameters of multi-function CNC laser cutting machine
Working area 1200mmx1200mm
Laser generator Axis CO2 laser generator, laser power400W
Position Speed Max. 10m/min
Position Precision ±0.05mm/m
Repeat Position Precision ±0.02mm
Power Supply 380Vac ±5%;50/60Hz 5 kVA
Environmental Temperature 0-45℃
Environmental Humidity 50-95%RH
Total Weight 1800kg
Exterior dimensions (LxWxH) 2740x2020x1300(mm)

With years spent in expanding our product lists, we are able to provide different types of industrial laser equipment, including laser engraving machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, and more. These products are good in quality, high in performance and competitive in price, thus they are welcomed by many international clients. Additionally, we provide superior quality service for our customers to ensure their needs will be fully satisfied.

If you are in need of this multi-function CNC laser cutting machine, please don't hesitate to contact us!We are ready to serve you!

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