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Laser Cutting Machine


1. With a robust frame which is welded from metal sheets, the CMA1313-T laser cutting machine boasts excellent operational stability, and it can be transported for a long distance.
2. Due to the implementation of rail beam profiles, linear axes and linear-motion bearings, our laser cutter has a compact structure, thus bringing extra convenience for adjustment and maintenance.
3. For this laser cutting equipment, its PU synchronous belt is imported, and it contains many steel wires inside to enhance its loading capacity. Moreover, it also shows superior resistance to oil and wear.
4. Our laser cutting machine is equipped with lightweight but scientifically designed cutting head components to realize easy installation and adjustment.
5. The emergency stop, leakage protector, cover interlock switch and other protection systems are designed strictly following domestic and international standards to ensure operators' safety.
6. This industrial laser cutting machine comes with our self-developed Smart Carve 4 software, and it offers computer aided design, computer aided control as well as versatile image processing (plt, dxf, dst, dsb, ai, bmp, jpg, gif, out, oux, ymd, yln, cut, smc, etc.). In addition, it supports many languages and maximum 256 processing layers.
7. Our laser cutting machine has a working area of 1300×1300mm, and it could make full use of the materials with little waste and low production cost. It is particularly suitable for cutting acrylic sheets for advertising and lighting industries.

Applicable Material
Organic glass, plastics, wood, bamboo and other non-metallic materials

Technical Data of CMA1313-T Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Power (W) 80~130 Machine Size (mm) 2040×1900×1050
Laser Wavelength (μm) 10.6 Machine Weight (kg) 530
Working Area (mm) 1300×1300 Supply Voltage AC220V±10%
Repositioning Accuracy (mm) ±0.05 Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Travel Speed (mm/s) 0~500 Work Environment Clean with little or no dust
Cooling Method Water cooling Temperature and Humidity 5-40℃, 5%-80%RH (non-condensing)
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