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Sofa Fabric Laser Cutting Machine


1. CMA1821C-F-A sofa fabric laser cutting machine produced by Yueming is a dedicated equipment for manufacturing sofa.
2. Equips with single laser head, laser power is supplied from 80w to 130w.
3. This laser cutter adopts square tube welded structure and servo motor to ensure the working speed is faster than traditional cutting machine, which is still running smoothly.
4. Our professional laser cutting control system can preserve 128 offline files, that is easy to operate for the customer.
5. Laser cutting software developed by our company is multi-functional and simple operation, it can support universal graphic format, and achieve automatic layout of processing graphics.
6. The circuit design of fabric laser cutting machine is in accordance with national standards, the electric components with high performance and anti-jamming capability are used to ensure the optical and electrical signal will not distort in the long distance transmission.

Technical Parameters
Model CMA1821C-F-A
Laser power 80W, 100W, 130W
Laser wavelength 10.64um
Power supply AC220V+/-10%
Working area 1800*2100mm
Weight 700kg
Working speed 0~48m/min
Cooling method Water cooling
Total power < 3.5KW (without auxiliary machinery)
Dimensions 2350*3200*1250mm
Working environment Temperature : 5 ℃ -40 ℃ Humidity: 5%-80% (non-condensing)
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