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Large Plate Laser Cutting Machine


To achieve wide-format cutting and splitting, CMB-1325 large plate laser cutting machine was successfully designed and manufactured by incorporating the design elements and structural concepts of large and medium-sized machine tools. It adopts strong frames of machine tools to ensure stability and accuracy during high-speed motion. Its drive system features linear guide and imported precision gear and rack to ensure machining accuracy. The worktable, supported by specially-treated light blade or ejector pin which is easy to replace, is convenient to maintain. This machine can be used with the YMC auto delivery system designed for using at large industrial sites, to save labor hours and manpower, reduce cost of management and greatly enhance working efficiency.

Technical Parameter
Laser 80~200W home-made or imported sealed-off CO2 laser 70~200W chinese or imported RF laser 400 chinese axil CO2 laser generator
Position accuracy ±0.05mm
Repeat position accuracy 0.03mm
Working area 1300×2500mm
Max. running speed 20m/min
Power supply 110/220Vac±10%,50/60Hz
Power of main machine (exclusive of laser and relevant auxiliary engine) < 2.5kW
Load-bearing of work table 250kg

This Product introduces internationally leading 32-digital control system of DSP+CPU/MCU dual structure, and significantly improves product performance. The use of acceleration / deceleration control algorithm allows for rapid and smooth operation. In addition, automatic optical attenuation compensation technology is employed, which guarantees ideal effects at different areas of the whole processing format.

This Product boasts light intensity and speed auto-matching function, which ensures the cutting quality at corners. It is also capable of continuous curve cutting. The travel speed reaches as high as 20m/min, which greatly improves its productivity and competitiveness.

Featuring imported high-precision backlash gear and rack, and supported by high-accuracy liner guide, the drive mechanism provides guarantee for high-accuracy performance of the Product under high-speed motion. This product uses sliding-type process platform similar to that of large and medium-sized machine tool to ensure stability and reliability. This product can be used with YMC automatic transport system designed for using at large industrial sites, and is suitable for large-quantity and multiple-batch procession with high strength and accuracy.

Machine Configuration
  • Optional laser generator
  • linear rail to guide with precision gear and rack to transmit
  • 32-digit DSP chip as core of the controller to improve the machine performance

Applicable industry
It is suitable for high-end users in the business of leather products, furniture, packaging, printing & advertisement, decoration and building, who requires wide-format splitting and cutting capability.

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