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Laser Cutting Machine


The CMA1390C laser cutting machine is the updated version of the ordinary product. Employing modular design and steel frame structure, the laser cutter is quite stable during operation. Besides, the humanized design, as well as the offline EM controller, brings you convenient working experience.

1. The steel frame structure is detachable for easy transportation. Produced with innovative appearance, the operation of the laser cutting machine is quite convenient.
2. The follow-up type upper and lower air suction device ensures optimal cutting performance and favorable working environment.
3. Our laser cutting tool has adjustable laser mounting bracket, which is compatible with different lasers.
4. The modular design offers high interchangeability.
5. The optimized optical design is conducive to stable light path.
6. To ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine, we particularly adopt electrical design and the electrical element with excellent performance.

The industrial laser cutter is widely used in the industry like artwork, shoemaking, garment, advertisement, packaging, printing, and some others. It can be used to process leather, cloth, woodwork, bamboo works, plastic, and rubber. In addition, this high speed laser cutting machine is a serviceable tool for acrylic, paper and synthetic material.

Technical Parameters
Item Specifications
Cutting Range 1300×900mm
Overall Dimensions 2015×1760×1230mm
Positional Accuracy ±0.07mm
Idle Speed 0-800mm/s
Graphic Format Supported BMP, GIF, TIFF, PLT, CDR, and DXF
Voltage AC 220V±10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 80W/100W/130W
Wave Length 10,640nm
Cooling Method Water
Movement Speed 1-800mm/s
Operating Environment Clean environment with little or less dust
Operating Temperature 10-40℃
Operating Humidity ≤80% (Free of condensed water)
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