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Light Guide Plate Processing Cutter and Engraver

  • Overall appearance of CMA1390LG
  • Automatic focusing, linear guide rail, upper air vacuuming channel
  • 80W CO2 laser tube
  • 50W Domestic RF Generator
  • 40W Coherent RF Generator

Software Features
1) The software is specially designed for light guide plate industry. The dots of the light guide plate can be generated automatically by the software.
2) The size and pitch of dots can be changed gradually and automatically.
3) It supports variety of processing method including dot, bitmap, and lineation.
4) The software is compatible with the main designing software and it can automatically optimize the parameter.
5) It is able to design the light guide plate with multiple sides and various methods to guide light.
6) It supports the arrangement of irregular light guide plate.

Machine Features
1) The light guide plate processing cutter and engraver adopt automatic exhaust system to optimize the working environment.
2) It is capable of auto focusing and auto adjusting on focus size.
3) The flatness of the worktable is adjustable.
4) This machine is integrated with multiple functions including dot-making, lineation, cutting and engraving.

Controlling system
Moving mechanism
Optical mechanism
Vision mechanism
Air pump
Water pump
Up and down exhaust system

Technical parameters
Laser power: ≥30W
Length of laser wave: 10.6μm
Gross power: <1.5KW
Processing area: 1100mm×900mm
Max speed: 1000mm/s
Spot diameter: 0.2mm
Location precision: 0.05mm
Supply voltage: 220V AC 50Hz
Dimension: 1900mm×1390mm×1170mm

Technical Parameters of Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
Main features Configuration 1 Configuration 2 Configuration 3
Laser type C40-L Coherent RF CR-50Z China RF 80W glass tube
Laser wavelength 10640nm 10640nm 10640nm
Sweeping speed of light guide plate 0-500mm/s 0-400mm/s 0-200mm/s
Cutting speed for 3mm Acrylic 0-9mm/s 0-12mm/s 0-20mm/s
Thinnest focus light spot 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.2mm
Repeat positioning precision ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
General power < 2.5KW < 2.5KW < 1.0KW
Working area 1100×900mm 1100×900mm 1100×900mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Dimensions of the body 1900×1560×1110mm 1900×1560×1110mm 1900×1560×1110mm
Weight of the machine 350KG 350KG 350KG
Temperature 0℃-45℃ (non condensing) 0℃-45℃(non condensing) 0℃-45℃(non condensing)
Humidity 5%-95% 5%-95% 5%-95%
cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
Comparison of different light sources
Light source 40W America Coherent RF Generator 50W domestic RF Generator 80W glass tube
Laser frequency 0~25KHz 0~20KHz
Laser beam mode TEM00 TEM00
Laser power stability ±5% ±5% ±7%
Max dot speed 500mm/s 400mm/s 250mm/s
Degree of orientation Very good Good medium
Smallest focusing diameter 0.08mm 0.1mm 0.2mm
Max cutting speed Medium Fast Fast
Cooling method Water cooling (match with 1600W chiller), Temp. accuracy controlled to ±0.1 ℃ Water cooling (match with 1600W chiller), temp. accuracy controlled to ±0.1 ℃ Water cooling (match with 1000W chiller), temp. accuracy controlled to ±0.1 ℃
Lifetime 25000 hours 20000 hours 5000hours
Efficiency of processing Best, the minimum pitch can be adjusted to 0.2mm Good ,the minimum pitch can be adjusted to 0.25mm Not so good, the minimum pitch can be adjusted to 0.4mm
Maintenance Modularity design, simple installation, light intensity is stable Simple installation, free of maintenance, light intensity is stable Installation need professional technology, light intensity is not so stable.
Cost Highest High Low
Warranty for generator 1year 1year 6month
Gas charging for generator Yes Yes No
System configurations
Mainframe Item Configuration Spec. Qty. Remarks
Laser tube C-40L 1 40W water cooling RF generator
CR-50Z 50W water cooling RF generator
80W CO2 laser tube
Laser power HF1000W-s-48 1 Match with 40W imported generator
HXT-3050A Match with 50W generator
YMPS80B Match with 80W RC
Beam Expander 2.5 times 1 Material: zinc
Reflector 25mm×3mm 3 Material: golden silicon
Focus 25.4mm, f=50.8mm 1
X direction motor step forward 1
Y direction motor step forward 1
Z direction motor step forward 1 Focus can be adjusted automatically
Transmission guide rail High speed linear guide rail 4
Transmission belt Steel wire synchronous belt 3
Security switch
Workingtable Adjustable Stripped baseboard(special for light guide plate) 1
Control mainboard 1.3# motherboard 1
Operating software SmartCarve4.3 1 WD6 softdog
Accessories Air pump 220V/50Hz/135W 1 Model: AC0-009D
Chiller SL-1 1 Match with RF generator
Water tank+ water pump 544×425×295 (Water tank) + AP5500 (water pump) Match with laser tube
Wind pump 550W 1 Up exhauster
Wind pump 750W 1 Down exhauster
●Standard configuration ○Optional △Can be added ▲Can be used together with other items X no such configuration

Operating environment
1) Air humidity: 40%-80%, non-condensing
2) Environment temperature: 15-30℃
3) Power supply voltage: AC220V, 50Hz
4) Voltage Fluctuation: ±5%, International standard power net is suitable. If voltage fluctuation exceeds 5%, we need to add voltage stabilizing circuit for the machine.
5) The working environment for the equipment needs to be smoke-free without metal dust.
6) Cooling water must be the purified and deionized water. Distilled water is the best.
7) The running water or mineral water with mineral can't be used.

Application Material

Application Industry
Light guide plate

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