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Four Head Laser Cutting Machine

(Newly Upgraded), CMA1612-Q-A

Features of Four Head Laser Cutting Machine
1. The four head laser cutting machine process fast with good stability performance with high speed processor and S shape acceleration and deceleration algorithm. It cuts evenly with automatic attenuation compensation technology.
2. It transmits at 10M or 100Methernet speed and is designed with USB2.0 port.
3. Colorful image and correct coordinate position of the laser head is clearly shown on the TFT screen.
4. The processing parameters such as the speed, power can be changed and stored for future reference directly on the touch screen.
5. The cutting machine has work hour preview function as well as postpone function.

Model CMA1612-Q-A
Cutting range 1600mm ×1200mm
Laser type CO2 laser generator
Laser power 80W,100W,130W
Transmission system Synchronous belt
maximum speed 30m /min
Repeated positioning accuracy ≤±0.05mm
Drawing format AI, DXF, BMP, JPGE, PLT, DST, DSB and so on.
Working conditions Temperature:5°C-40; Moisture 5%-80%. No condensation
Machine power (auxiliary machines included) 6.1KW
Power supply Single phase:220-240V , 50/60Hz
Total weight 740Kg
Dimensions 2090mm ×2285mm×1291mm

The four head laser cutting machine is widely used for the cutting of wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, woolens, plastics, rubber, bamboo product, clothes, phone accessories, stickers, phone screen protector, jade, etc.

  • Cloth shoe cutting
  • Carpet cutting
  • Curtain cutting
  • Clothes cutting
  • Leather shoe cutting
  • Skirt cutting
  • Trousers cutting
  • Hat cutting
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