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Laser Cutting Machine


Thanks for visiting the Han's Yueming Company website! We are a China-based laser cutting machine manufacturer.

Our laser cutting machine is used to cut materials into different shapes according to various needs. Our laser cutting machine is equipped with high-speed axial-flow CO2 laser generator. The laser generator outputs laser beam, and through treatment and transmission by the optical path system, the laser beam will focus on cutting head. Assisted with cutting gas and driven by digital control machine, the laser beam can be used to cut various metal or nonmetal boards.

1. This digital control laser cutting equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the principle of constant light. Its cutting power is stable and would not be affected by the optical path, thus ensuring cutting consistency and convenient maintenance.
2. With CAD/CAM automatic programming and layout optimizing functions, the controlling software of our laser equipment runs on Windows Operation System, and can identify many kinds of CAD graphics. In addition, users can also build their own laser cutting database according to their specific needs.
3. Key components of our process program, like CNC system, servo motors and drivers, precision ball bearing screw rods, optical lens, are imported from reliable suppliers, so as to ensure the reliability of the machine.
4. This machine adopts dual temperature cooling water unit. Auxiliary devices such as regulated power supply, oil-free air compressor, freeze drier, dust suction device are optional.
5. Our laser cutting machine features frame construction, whose high rigidity and good stability are ensured.
6. X, Y, Z axes are driven by servomotors from Japan Mitsubishi and Panasonic, which have the advantages of high performance and low maintenance.
7. Our machine uses Japan, Korea famous precision ball screws to transmit power.
8. The cutting head could automatically follow and adjust distances between parts to ensure fixed focal length to improve the cutting quality.

Technical parameters of laser cutting machine
Precision digital control machine parameter Axial laser generator parameter Other parameter
Model Working areal(mm) Positioning precision Repeatability Max. speed (m/min) Model Rating power W Weight of machine KG Floor space M2
YM-1212 1250x1250 ±0.03 ±0.01 10 YMF-600 600 4000 28
YM-1218 1800x1250 ±0.03 ±0.01 10 YMF-1200 1200 4500 35
YM-2512 2500x1250 ±0.05 ±0.02 10 YMF-1800 5000 5000 45
Technical Index YMF 600 YMF 1200 YMF 1800
Rating Power(w) 600 1200 1800
Max. Power(w) 700 1500 2000
Beam Mode TEM00+TEM10
Stability of Laser Power ±1% ±1% ±1%
Angle of Emergence(mrad) ≤1.5 ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Diameter of Spot(mm) Ø 16 Ø 18 Ø 20
Type of Laser Axis DC Actuating
Wavelength 10.6μ
Power Supply 380V±5%, 50Hz-60Hz(Three Phase)

Operating and Control System
1. Stable IPC devices, USB interface, fast analog input/output, fast digit input output module, peripheral devices are all controlled by PLC.
2. Control software such as Windows operating system, PA 8000NT CNC system specially designed for Laser Machine from Power Automation Company, laser power control system etc. facilitate the functions of linear interpolation, circular interpolation, fitting, reverse clearance compensation, screw pitch compensation, cutting compensation.
3. The programming software (AcadRcam) special for laser processing is based on the AotoCad platform, helps realize human machine interaction and makes it convenient for users to modify processing details such as path sequence, cutting direction, etc.
4. MCP machine tool control panel, 17"screen, Chinese /English interface, standard keyboard and mouse, all bring great convenience to the users.

As an ISO certified laser cutting equipment maker, we are dedicated to providing high quality laser cutting equipment to our customers. To achieve this, we make large investments in introducing internationally advanced technology and equipment. We also carry out strict quality control measures at every step of the whole production process. Trough joint efforts, our products are CE certified and highly sought after in many parts of the world.

If you want to get more information about our laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to working with you!

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