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Laser Cutting Machine


The CMA1610VT laser cutting machine is specially offered with double cutting heads. It is generally used for cutting wood, paper, leather, textile, acrylic, epoxy resin, wool, plastic, bamboo, etc.

1. Camera positioning system
The positioning system captures image via CCD camera, through which the work piece can be recognized automatically for accurate cutting. No manual intervention is required.

2. Short cutting path
The material cutting is conducted with the shortest cutting patch. It decreases the working time, and improves the working efficiency by 10%-20%.

3. Rapid and continuous curve cutting
By virtue of the powerful data processing capacity for high-end DSP and precise mechanical system, our material cutting tool is applicable for cutting straight or curves rapidly and continuously with little distortion.

4. Independent work platform
The laser cutting machine is engineered with independent work platform detachable from the product, brining more flexibility and convenience to the users. Equipped with high-performance Lenovo M7150 desktop computer and camera positioning system, our double laser head cutting machine can satisfy the demand for precise cutting.

5. Perfect protection system
Conforming to international safety standard, the high speed laser cutter comes with protective cap, emergency stop switch, and leakage protection system. So, users can feel secure during the operation with our product.

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