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Laser Cutting Machine for Metal and Nonmetal


Functional Features
1.The laser cutting machine adopts gantry type ball-screw dual drive system for large inertia, high torque output and maximum acceleration of up to 0.6G.
2.The reinforced welded body has undergone precision milling and annealing for minimal deformation and effective stress relief during vibration.
3.The cross member has been drawn and precisely processed to ensure light weight, high rigidity and superior dynamic performance.
4.The professional laser cutting software can realize the function of graphic layout, corner smoothing, high-speed punching and marking.
5.Integrated structure design allows for a compact layout and small footprint.

Technical Parameters
Product Model CMA1325C-G-E Laser Cutting Machine for Metal and Nonmetal
Cutting Range 1300mm×2500mm
Laser Type CO2 laser
Laser Wavelength 10.64μm
Laser Power 260W
Drive System Gantry type dual drive
Maximum Speed 35m/min
Maximum Acceleration 0.6G
Positioning Accuracy ±0.08mm/1000mm
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm/1000mm
Supported Graphic Format CAD, DXF, etc.
Work Environment 0-40℃ Humidity≤ 80%, non condensing
Total Power Approx. 7KW
Power Supply Single-phase 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 3800mm×2220mm×1150mm
Total Weight 2500Kg

Suitable Materials
Suitable materials for the metal laser cutter include Acrylic, MDF, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

Typical applications of the nonmetal cutting machine are found in advertising decoration, handcrafted gifts, metal products, etc.

Samples at a Glance
Laser-cut stainless steel sheets Laser-cut luminous letters Laser-cut crystal letter Laser-cut light guide plate
Laser-cut wooden plate Laser-cut decorative gift LED light box production Laser-cut metal letters for advertising

Characteristics of the Laser Cutting Machine

Solid Sheet Metal Structure Design
The sheet metal components of the product vary in thickness from 3mm to 6mm. Prominent features of this product include high rigidity, superior structural stability and no deformation, etc.
Drawn Aluminum Alloy Cross Member
Finite element analysis is done on the cross member to ensure this machine possesses good dynamic accuracy, long-lasting durability and high-precision cutting on metal sheets.
High-Performance Yaskawa Servo Motor
The powerful servo motor is highly flexible and shows extinguished mechanical properties.

Electrical Cabinet
This cabinet is fully compliant with international safety standard and features rational electrical design. Its components are purchased from world-renowned brands including Siemens, Schneider, etc.
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