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Large Format Laser Cutting Machine (with Camera Positioning System)


Functional Features of the Large Format Laser Cutting Machine
1. Smart image recognition system, combined with high-efficiency automatic camera positioning .
2. Adopt an 18,000,000 pixel CANON camera to shoot large and quality pictures. The camera begins recognizing automatically with a simple press of the button. It helps to make the large-format cutting process much easier than before.
3. The whole image can be automatically recognized, so you don’t need to create a template. This helps to make operation easier and also reduce much time.
4. This laser machine allows for direct thickness settings and can create impeccable cuts.

Technical Parameters
Product Model CMA1810-V-B Large Format Laser Cutting Machine
Processing Range 1800 mm X 1000 mm
Laser Type CO2 laser tube
Laser Power 80W-130W
Running Speed 0-30m/min
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy +/-0.05mm
Supported Graphic Format BMP, GIF, JPGE, PLT, DXF, DST, DSB , etc.
Work Environment Humidity 5~80% (non condensing) Temperature 5-40℃
Machine Power < 4kw (including auxiliary equipment)
Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Total Weight 580kg
Overall Dimension 2400 mm X1640 mm X2050mm

Suitable Applications
The laser cutting machine for sale is appropriate for garments, leather, fabric toys, computerized embroidery, electronic & electrical equipment, architectural models, craft supplies, advertising decoration, package printing, paper products and other industries.

Suitable Materials
This large format cutter operates with digitally printed fabric, leather and woven fabric, etc.

Samples at a Glance
Laser-cut fabric upper for shoes Laser-cut garment applique Laser-cut upper for shoes Laser-cut lace accessories for clothes
Laser-cut trademark Laser-cut hat fabric Laser-drilled leather upper and sole for shoes Camera-positioned and laser-cut trademark

Characteristics of the Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

Solid Sheet Metal Structure Design
The sheet metal components of the product vary in thickness from 3mm to 6mm. Prominent features of this product include high rigidity, superior structural stability and no deformation, etc.
Drawn Aluminum Alloy Cross Member
Finite element analysis is done on the cross member to ensure this machine possesses good dynamic accuracy, long-lasting durability and high-precision cutting on metal sheets.
High-Performance Yaskawa Servo Motor
The powerful servo motor is highly flexible and shows extinguished mechanical properties.

Electrical Cabinet
This cabinet is fully compliant with international safety standard and features rational electrical design. Its components are purchased from world-renowned brands including Siemens, Schneider, etc.
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