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UV Laser Marking System


1. Economical Configurations, Excellent Performance, Reliable Quality, Extremely High Cost-Performance Ratio
This MUV5-B-A UV laser marking system adopts imported UV laser, which has uniform power density, fine light spot and stable output power, fully meeting the requirements of the mainstream market application.
In addition, our laser marking machine is equipped with the imported digital galvanometer scanner featuring compact size, high speed, good stability and performance reaching the internationally advanced level.
2. Modular Design, Flexible Operation
Our laser processing equipment is provided with confidential and interactive work table as well as automatic/manual operating mode, which can not only perfectly meet the need for multi-station production automation, but also effectively improve the production efficiency.
3. Applicable for a wide range of materials, this UV laser marking system can compensate for the inadequate processing capacity of infrared laser;
4. With superior laser beam quality and small light spot, our UV laser marker is capable of realizing ultra-fine laser marking;
5. The small heat-affected zone can protect the materials being processed from damage and contribute to high rate of finished products;
6. High-speed marking, high efficiency and high precision;
7. Requiring no consumables, low cost and low maintenance;
8. Stable overall performance and suitable for long-time operation

Technical Parameters
Model MUV5-B-A
Wavelength 355nm
Light Spot Quality < 1.4 M2
Laser Power 3W/5W/8/W
Cooling Mode Air/ water
Marking Area 110 mm × 110 mm /175 mm × 175 mm /360 mm × 360 mm
Focal Length 180 mm /260 mm /580 mm
Minimum mark width ≤0.015mm
Minimum letter size 0.06mm
Marking speed 0-7000 mm/s
Drawing format BMP, JPG, AI, DXF, PLT, etc.
Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency 50 Hz /60 Hz
Main Machine Dimensions 750mm × 1200mm × 1950mm
Main Machine Weight Approx. 300 kg
Working Conditions Dust-free or dustless
Temperatures: 10-30℃
Relative humidity: ≤65% (non-condensing)
Overall power 1.5 kW
Degree of protection IP54
Laser safety classification Class 4
Top-Bottom Adjustable Distance 150-850 mm

Applicable Materials
Plastic, leather, metal and other materials

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