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Laser Marking Machine


MF20-E laser marking machine represents a significant improvement over our standard laser marker models. This powerful laser marking system is specifically designed to add parameter value marks to the outer cover of the LED driver.
5. The configured professional design software can realize the light guide plate processing with the maximum marking area of 1200mm× 600 mm at one time.

Features of Laser Marking Machine
1. Automatic loading and unloading of materials to be marked, which elimiates the need of manual operation and improves production efficiency.
2. Multiple laser marking machines can be operated by one person, each delivering a marking speed of 25pcs per minute.
3. Simplied laser marking system maintains a small, space-saving footprint, allowing great ease of system modification to adapt the laser markert to different production capacity requirements.
4. Quaity fiber laser delivers constant laser beam delivery path on the laser marking machine.
5. High-speed digital laser scanning lens is usd for maximum laser beam stability.
6. The logic controller motherboard and SmartScanner are both results of years of hands-on experience in laser marking system control technology. This laser marking software allows both vector-based laser marking and graphical marking. Supportive of multiple user-interface languges at a press of a button. Up to 256 layers of clors can be managed properly with this software. All levels of administors, desighers and operators can have access to the Smart scanner software, which facilitate the laser marking process.

Technical Specifications of Laser Cutting Machine
Model Code MF20-E
Laser Wavelength (μm) 10.6
Laser beam quality < 2
Peak laser frequency (W) 20
Pulse frequency (KHz) 20~80
Cooling method Air cooling
Parameters Work area (mm×mm) 70×70/110×110/175×175
Focal length (mm) 100/163/254
Working distance (mm) 103/188/288
Minimum mark width (mm) 0.02
Minimum letter size (mm) 0.15
Marking speed (mm/s) ≦7000
Drawing format PLT, PCX, BMP, DXF
Power Supply Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Dimensions mm×mm×mm 880×760×1400
Weight Total weight (kg) 125
Working Conditions Environment Clean, dustless
Temperature (℃) 10℃-35℃
Relative humidity 5-75%(non-condensing)
Others Overall power (KW) 1
Degree of protection IP54
Laser safety classification Class 4

Laser Marked Materials
Food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cigaret, leather, package, building material, lighting, jewelry, cosmetics, cellphone casing, kitchware, hardware, medical equipment, tools and accessories, electronics, and auto parts industries. Laser marks produced by our laser marking machine are non-toxic and develop no contaminations over time.

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