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Automatic Lamp Laser Marking Machine


Our automatic lamp laser marking machine is equipped with the following components:
1. High-performance fiber laser generator.
2. Full digital high speed precision galvanometer.
3. Precision cam splitter.
4. High-performance servo drive system.
5. Professional lighting control software.
6. Sheet metal protective cover

Machine Capacity
The automatic lamp laser marking machine can mark two lamp holders in less than 4 seconds at the same time, and the positioning speed of the belt conveyor is less than 0.75 seconds. This laser machine can mark between 1500 to 1800 characters per minute according to customer requirements.

Comparison to Conventional Lamp Laser Marking Machines
1. The lighting device is automatically detected, and this process is completely finished using an automatic mechanism. It saves at least a single person’s labor. The laser marking machine uses a manipulator for blanking materials, also saving the need for manual labor. This machine requires only one person to feed it, one for packaging, and all intermediate links are omitted, saving labor costs of two employees. A conventional machine requires a human operator for each step in the process.
2. The laser marker uses a high precision intermittent separator, making our machine more stable and reliable over a traditional laser machine with a servo motor.

Technical Parameters
Wavelength 1.06μm Machine weight 850kg
Spot < 1.4 M2 Working environment No dust or less dust
Laser power 2X20W / 10W / 30W / 50W (optional) Temperature: 10~35°C
Pulse frequency 20~80 KHz Humidity: ≤85% (no condensing)
Cooling method Air cooling Total power 2x2.0 KW
Working area 110mmX110mm (optional 70×70mm) IP rating IP52
Focal length 163mm ( 100mm ) Laser safety level 4
Working distance 188mm (110mm) Adjustable distance of machine height 0~130 mm
Minimum line width 0.02mm Adjustable distance of machine front-back direction 0~130 mm
Minimum character 0.2mm Working angle Any angle
Marking speed 0~7000 mm/s Number of working station 2pcs
Drawing format BMP,JPG,AI,DXF,PLT,etc. Delivery accuracy 0.2 mm
Voltage AC220V±10% Work efficiency < 5s/2pcs
Frequency 50/60 Hz Feeding and blanking method Manual feeding, automatic blanking
Dimension 2400mm x1400mmx1500mm

Applicable Materials
Light bulb, LED lights, etc.

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