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Garment Laser Marking Machine


Our MV type YMRF series laser marking machine can be used for laser marking, engraving and cutting. We adopt an electric lift to preciously control the focus and alignment instrument with red light indicator for convenient orientation.
Our garment laser marking machine is the product of choice for manufacturers in the fields of garment, fabric, leather, and furniture decoration.

1. The maximum work range of this laser marker can reach 800x800mm, which could achieve one-off completion of garment facet.
2. The infrared ray alignment used in our garment laser marking machine ensures the precision of carving and eliminates any defect.
3. The special worktable is equipped with a blowing device which provides powerful air flux to level off the garment on the table, achieving better faceting quality.
4. Computer graphics can provide various figures, characters and graphs.


Machine configuration
a. original metal sealed 100W radio-frequency laser imported from USA
b. original high speed scanning mirror and beam expander focus system imported from CTI
c. anti-interference industrial computer
d. marking software specially designed for garment production by Yueming
e. special worktable for garment facet
f. intelligent industrial cooler.

Technical parameters of garment laser marking machine
Marking scope 300×300/ 800×800 mm
Laser power 30W, 100W
Extender lens 3-8 times (optional)
Length of laser wave 10640NM
Response time 0.8ms
Min. line width 0.5mm
Mark mode Plane surface / front focus
Mark line speed < 7000mm/s
Mark depth < 1mm
Min. character 2mm/4mm
Pulse Frequency 1.2KHZ--25 KHZ
Power supply AC220±10%, 50HZ
Input power < 4KW
Operating temperature 0℃--45℃
Cooling style Air cooling or water cooling
Graphic format supported BMP, GIF, JPGE, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PLT, CDR, DWG, DXF
Net weight 220kg
Net weight 490kg
Dimension 1480×530×1335mm
Dimension 2100×2100×1200mm

Thanks for your visit! We are an ISO9001:2000 certified garment laser marking machine manufacturer in China. In addition to laser marker, we at Yueming also manufacture laser engraver and laser cutter. Manufactured from high quality raw materials, our laser industrial equipment is reliable in quality. Now our products are successfully exported to America, Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, and so on. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries! Yueming is always here to serve you.

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