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3 Axis Laser Marking Machine


1. MC275-DH-A laser marking machine is a multi-functional machine, which is environmental protection and radiation protection.
2. Equips with radiation resistant acrylic cover and sliding door, which can prevent laser radiation effectively.
3. Closed type dust removal system with good exhaust effect, it will not pollute laser head and working environment.
4. The optical system can be switched electrically and manually, so that it can work in different marking area.
5. This laser engraving machine adopts German CO2 laser, and 3 axis dynamic galvanometer.
6. Our 3 axis laser marking machine is equipped with honeycomb type movable workbench, it can process materials in large area. The maximum marking area is 1200mmx600mm.

Technical Parameters
Model MC275-DH-A
Laser power 275W
Laser wavelength 10.64um
Working area 1200x600(mm)
Power supply AC220V±10%
Working speed 7000mm /s
Laser cooling method Water cooling
Weight 1000Kg
Dimensions 1600 x 2100 x 2100(mm)
Working environment No dust or less dust, no strong signal interference around. Temperature: 5-40 ℃ , needs to install air conditioner if it is over temperature. Humidity: 5%-85%, non-condensing, it will install dehumidifier if the environment is too wet.

Our laser engraver is used for marking fabric, leather and leather.

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