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YAG Laser Marking Machine


This YAG laser marking machine adopts high-speed optical scanner, Q switch and laser bar, which provide fast, precise scanning. The use of an independent auto cooling water circulation system enables our machine to continuously operate for a long time.

1. Delicate marking, high processing efficiency
2. Our laser marking machine causes no pollution to the environment
3. The laser mark provides excellent wear resistance and anti-forging function.
4. The process of engraving graphics can be computerized.
5. Our YAG laser marking machine supports Windows2000/Winxp operating system and multiple languages
6. It could support 256 color separation layers in graphics at the maximum
7. Our laser marking machine has powerful node editing function and vector graph drawing function. The curves can be directly changed during drawing.
8. Characters can be input directly in the software. Our machine supports Trupe, JSF, DMP, as well as self-created character data base.
9. Our YAG laser marking machine supports variable texts. The content of changeable texts can be determined by multiple forms: input via keypad and serial number.
10. It is compatible with common graphic formats such as bmp, jpf, gif, tga, png, tif, etc., and vectorgraphs like dxf, dst, plt, etc.
11. Our laser marking equipment has powerful image processing function like grayscale converting, slope carving pretreatment, node processing, etc.


Our YAG laser marking machine is able to mark metals and some non-metal materials, and is widely applied in such industries as electronics, instruments, communication apparatus, packing, beverage, battery, sanitary ware, machinery manufacturing, auto parts, jewelry, medical apparatus, hardware, plastic, buttons, etc.

Technical parameters of YAG laser marking machine
Laser power 30/150W
Laser pulse frequency < 60KHz
Length of laser wave 1064nm
Marking scope 50×50/100×100/160×160/220×220 (optional)
Min. line width 50µm
Min. character 0.2mm
Marking speed 300 characters /min, character height 1mm
Marking depth ≤0.3mm
Repeat precision ±0.01mm
Laser diode pointer LD red light: < 5mW
Power supply 220V(±10%)/50Hz/15A
Gross power < 2.5KW
Operating temperature 10--35℃
Cooling style High precision constant temperature/ closed loop water cooling
Net weight 225KG
Dimension 1240×530×1370mm

Yueming is an ISO9001:2000 certified YAG laser marking machine manufacturer in China. Apart from laser marking machine, we also provide laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine. Due to high quality and reasonable prices, our industrial laser equipment is well received by customers in America, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, etc. For inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us! We promise to offer you the best prices!

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