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High Speed High-End Light Guide Plate Processing Marker

The DDB100-LG high-speed high-end light guide plate processing marker is specially designed for making light guide plate in panel light industry. Thanks to the high speed, high efficiency and high stability, it spends only 50 seconds to make a panel light of 300×300mm and 3 minutes for a panel light of 600×600mm.

Laser equipment has become strong driving force in light guide plate industry. Han's Yueming Laser is the first professional enterprise for making light guide plate. We have launched the DDB-LG laser marking machine and the software for light guide plate industry.

1. The high-speed high-end light guide plate processing marker adopts a 3D dynamic marking system with a high speed 5-10 times faster than general engraving machine.
2. Its auto focusing and adjustment design ensure it suitable for materials with different thickness.
3. The flatness of the worktable is adjustable.
4. Features of the software self-developed for making light guide plate are as follows.
1) It supports all kinds of shapes including screen dot, bitmap, grid line, etc.
2) The size and pitch of dots can be changed gradually and automatically.
3) It is able to design the light guide plate with multiple sides and various methods to guide light.
4) It is compatible with variety of main software for designing light guide board, such as GTools. It can also automatically optimize the parameter.
5) It supports the arrangement of irregular light guide plate.

Comparison of Laser Marker and Screen Printer
Item Screen printer Laser marker
Method A screen is used to print the dots on the surface A laser is used to engrave the dots on the surface
Features After longtime lighting, the dots become easy to come off and yellowing. These disadvantages easily affect the lighting quality and shorten the lifetime. The fabrication of screens takes long time and the printing of dots need complex work. The dots are durable and not easy to yellowing. These advantages greatly prolong the lifetime. The fabrication is flexible, easy and takes short time. The size can be customized according to different requirement.
Cost comparison Screen printing requires screen plate cost, and large workshop. Additionally, the printing ink utilized is a kind of poisonous chemical and harmful to the environment. Laser making eliminates the need for screen plate cost and large workshop. Its working process is completely environmental friendly.

Technical parameter
Laser power: 0-100W, successive tunable
Wavelength: 10.6um
General power: 6.5kW
Processing area: 600mm × 600mm
Max speed: 7000mm/s
Spot diameter: 0.3mm
Location precision: 0.02mm
Cooling method: Water cooling
Supply voltage: AC 220V 30A 50Hz
Dimension: 2235mm×650mm×1650mm

LCD display, LED panel light, decorative light, LED ultra-thin light box, crystal photo frame, direction board, light box for reading x-ray slice, light box for reading film slice, etc.

Equipment Standard Configuration
Main machine Items Configure Specification Qty. Supplier Remarks
Laser generator GEM-100L 1 Coherent 100W water cooling, 1 year guarantee
Dynamic focus scan mirror 3D Scanhead-300-15D-A 1 Century Sunny Marking area can be changed via the software
Beam expander 4 times water cooling 1 Wavelength
Marking area 600mm×600mm F=660mm 1 Han's Yueming Maximum workpiece height: 80mm (no honeycomb or stripped baseboard)
Working table 650mm*650mm 1
Computer 1 Lenovo Win7 Professional Microsoft operating system is optional
Control board CSC-USB 1 Han's Yueming
Operating software SmartScanner 1 Match with softdog (WD9)
Foot switch 1
Auxiliaries Chiller YM-LW36-BHP 1
Updraught fan 550W 1
●Standard configuration ○Optional (Choose one between "●"&"○" ) △Can be added ▲Can be used together with other items
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