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Laser Marking Machine


Most people find it difficult to laser mark a glass with complex curves, or a light bulb in particular. That is because the laser requires a specific focal length or distance between the laser lens and the material being marked, whereas the curves make it almost impossible for the laser to get an effective focus. With our MF20-L-A rotary laser marking machine, marking a light bulb could not be easier, faster, and cleaner.

This rotary laser marker is a highly automated laser machine that comes with multiple marking stations allowing a number of light bulbs to be marked at the same time. If you can mark multiple light bulbs simultaneously, you can multiply your profits without significantly increasing your costs since you still have one machine, one operator, and one area of allotted floor space.

A short pulse fiber laser, coupled with galvanometer-driven laser scanning lens, ensures a fast, accurate marking of light bulbs and other cylindrical light tubes with curved surfaces.

Features of Laser Marking Machine
1. There are times when too many metals are added to the glass of the light bulb, causing an ordinary laser marker to skip over an area of the glass. This compact powerful multi-station laser marking system, however, does not produce any shadows or discontinuities along the marks even on metal materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, and silver. Minimized beam loss can be achieved.
2. Proprietary laser scanning lens delivers steady laser beam signals at a high speed. The lens is easy to repair.
3. The SmartScanner, which is another proprietary product of YUEMING, provides a powerful and easy way for controlling the entire laser marking system. Software installed in this SmartScanner can be upgraded free of charge or modified to fit customer specific marking needs.
4. Worktables are free to move along both X and Y-axis, carrying the workpiece with it while allowing it to be marked.
5. Of course operators can use this rotary laser marking machine on a flat surface.

Technical Parameters
Model Code MF20-L-A
Laser Laser wavelength (μm) 10.6
Laser beam quality < 2
Peak laser power(W) 20
Pulse frequency(KHz) 20~80
Cooling method Air cooling
Parameters Work area (mm×mm) 70×70/110×110/175×175
Focal length (mm) 100/163/254
Working distance (mm) 103/188/288
Minimum mark width (mm) 0.02
Minimum letter size (mm) 0.15
Marking speed (mm/s) ≦7000
Drawing format PLT, PCX, BMP, DXF
Power Supply Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Dimension (mm×mm×mm) 880×760×1400
Weight Total weight (kg) 125
Working Conditions Environment Clean, dustless
Temperature (℃) 10℃-35℃
Relative humidity 5-75%(non-condensing)
Others Overall power (KW) 1
Degree of protection IP54
Laser safety classification Cass 4

Laser Marked Materials
Pig iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel plating, zinc plating, alumina, plastics (PVC/PC/PU), ABS, epoxy

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