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3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

MC180-DLG-B (For Light Guide Plate Processing)

1. Our lately developed economical MC180-DLG-B 3-axis CO2 laser marker for light guide plate processing is characterized by multiple functions, environmental protection and radiation protection.
Configured with anti-radiation acrylic housing and safe sliding door, this large-format laser marking system can effectively protect the operator from radiation and facilitate the observation of working status.
Also, the enclosed upper and bottom ventilation and dust prevention systems have excellent performance of exhaust and do not pollute the lens or the working environment.
2. The laser device can be electrically adjusted up and down to adapt to the different processing formats; the measuring scale and LED digital display can enable the focus to be adjusted faster and more accurate.
3. By virtue of the German CO2 laser and the world's leading dynamic 3-axis marking system having the function of automatic focusing, our LGP laser marking machine can realize the maximum marking area up to 600mm× 600 mm.
4. The cellular board, fine lines board, vacuum absorption platform, mobile worktable, etc. are optional, which can greatly meet diversified user needs in different industries; the mobile worktable can achieve seamless splice in a large format, and the maximum marking area up to 1200mm× 600 mm.
5. The configured professional design software can realize the light guide plate processing with the maximum marking area of 1200mm× 600 mm at one time.

Comparison Between Traditional Marking Machine and MC180-DLG-B 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

Traditional Marking Machine Laser Marking Machine with Large Light Spot
Efficiency 2 minutes / sheet (1 line) 3 minutes (600× 600 mm)
Consumables Printing ink, electricity, water, screen board, acid liquid Electricity
Support Equipment Conveyor and drying oven None
Design Cycle Long ( it takes a long time to make the screen board) Short
Labor Force Several operators One operator

Traditional Marking Machine Laser Marking Machine with Large Light Spot
Operation Complicated Simple
Rejection Rate High ( the printing ink is easy to fall off) Low
Floor Area 200 m² /line 4 m² / equipment
Selling Price Low High
Processing Quality (Brightness) Normal High
Technical Parameters
Laser Power 180W Cooling Mode Water
wavelength 1064nm Main Machine Weight 750kg
Marking Area 1200mm× 600mm Main Machine Dimensions 1550mm× 1370mm× 2100mm
Voltage AC220V±10% Working Conditions Clean, dust-free or dustless
Marking Speed 7000mm/s
Temperature: 10-35℃
Relative humidity: ≤80% (non-condensing)

Applicable Materials
Acrylics and other non-metallic materials

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