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Laser Marking Machine


1. As a multifunctional and eco-friendly product, the MC275-DH-A laser marking machine makes use of anti-radiation acrylic housing and sliding safety door to facilitate operator's observation and avoid laser radiation at the same time.
2. With Germany imported CO2 laser and advanced 3-axis dynamic galvanometer, this laser engraving machine could process 600×600mm surface at a time. However, with the help of a moveable honeycomb worktable, several large materials to be marked can be arranged together, thus enlarging the maximum marking area to 1200×600mm.
3. A totally enclosed dust removal system is employed by our CO2 laser marking system, and it uses upper and lower air suction devices to discharge dust in time, protecting both our machine and your work site.
4. Our laser marking machine allows free adjustment of its optical system so as to work on different-sized surfaces, and this adjustment is performed either manually or electrically.

Applicable Material
Textile fabrics, leather, plastics, etc.

Technical Data of MC275-DH-A Laser Marking Machine
Laser Power (W) 275 Cooling Method Water cooling
Laser Wavelength (μm) 10.64 Machine Weight (kg) 1000
Effective Marking Area (mm) 1200×600 Machine Size (mm) 1600×2100×2100
Supply Voltage AC220V±10% Work Environment 1. Little or no dust
2. Free of strong signal interference
3. 5-40℃(otherwise an air conditioner shall be installed)
4. 5%-85%RH, non-condensing (otherwise a dehumidifier shall be installed)
Marking Speed (mm/s) 7000
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