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Laser Marking Machine


1. The MC275DLG-D laser marking machine is installed with Rofin CO2 laser, possessing super light spot, stable optical power output, and uniform power density.
2. It is equipped with automatic focusing 3-axis dynamic scanning system. Besides the compact structure, good durability, and optimal dedusting effect, our CO2 laser marker is well received due to the convenient installation and powerful anti-interference capacity, which ensures the high-speed and stable operation for long time.
3. The beam expander and reflector for the non-metal laser marking machine are imported. The optimal shaping performance, low light attenuation, and high stability make for the laser processing with uniform distribution and consistent size.
4. Our laser marking machine has vacuum absorption platform equipped with high pressure vortex pump, making sure the acrylic raw material is smoothly fixed on the platform. It effectively eliminates the hidden danger caused by surface roughness of raw material.
5. The enclosed and hydromechanical design of the high-speed laser marking tool prevents operator from laser radiation. In addition, the dust generated during production can be cleaned up, realizing environmental protection and safe operation.
6. We have independently developed light guide plate design software. So the LGP can be processed in any sizes and shapes. In addition to simple operation, the data processing is rapid, as well. Besides, this laser marking machine is compatible with GTools LGP design software for faster processing speed, high efficiency operation, and strong illuminance.
7. Our product can process the LGP in the sizes of 300×300mm, 300×600mm, 600×600mm, 600×1200mm, and 1200×1200mm without connection.

Technical Parameters
Wavelength (μm) 10.6
Light Spot Quality (M2) < 1.2
Laser Peak Power (W) 275
Impulse Frequency (KHz) 0-100
Cooling Mode Water
Marking Area (mm) 1200×1200
Focal Length (mm) 1546
Working Distance (mm) 1500
Min. Line Width (mm) 0.5
Min. Character (mm) 2
Marking Line Speed (mm/s) 0-15,000
Graphic Format Supported TXT, PLT, DXF, DAT, etc.
Voltage AC 220V±10%, AC 380V±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Size of Main Machine (mm) 1700×2670×2430
Size of Water Chiller (mm) 560×770×1450
Weight of Main Machine (kg) ≤1200
Weight of Water Chiller (kg) ≤185
Work Environment Clean, no dust or less dust Temperature(℃): 10-30 Humidity: ≤85% (Non-condensate)
Total Power (kW) ≤12.5
Safety Protection Level IP54
Laser Safety Level 4

As an upgraded large format LGP laser marking machine, our product is matched with imported laser generator and 3-axis dynamic marking system. Featuring superior performance, good stability, and fast operating speed, the laser marking machine is widely applied for processing non-metal material like acrylic sheet in producing LCD, LED panel light, decorative lighting, LED ultra thin crystal light box, crystal photo frame, indicating board, and light box for other purpose.

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